The PACT Institute: Growing with You in 2020 and Beyond

Dear PACT Community,

Happy 2020! Here at the PACT Institute we wanted to take this opportunity – as we enter a new decade – to share with you the vision we hold for the Institute in 2020 and beyond.

Our goal is to create a global and sustainable organization. In the last year, Stan, Tracey, the faculty, and our administrative team have worked hard to lay the foundation so that goal becomes a reality.

One of our biggest challenges at the Institute is meeting the increasing demand for training. As a businessperson – I admit – this is a problem I love having! We are meeting that challenge in a number of ways: a new website, new course offerings, and new ways to engage with the Institute.

At the heart of the Institute’s expansion efforts was updating to a new, more user-friendly website. The new site will be our gateway to even more training and educational opportunities in the future. Both the professional clinician and non-professional who is seeking secure-functioning relationships will be able to log in and benefit from a variety of multimedia offerings we cannot wait to share with you.  

Among our first courses to utilize the site is the newly revamped Level 3 training – our first course to be a hybrid of online and in-person training. We’re thrilled to offer this advanced training to help therapists learn when and how to work more deeply with the most conflicted couples.

We’re also offering monthly consultation calls with Stan and our newly enhanced alumni subscription package for PACT alumni. From here, we look forward to launching more educational opportunities with other PACT faculty and high-level PACT students with expertise on special topics.

We also plan to provide educational opportunities for our non-clinician audience. For years, Stan and Tracey have offered couples retreats around the world, and attendees always ask us for ways they can continue the experience at home. As a result, we’ve started thinking about courses for couples that we can offer on our website. Our goal is to promote secure-functioning principles and skills in every corner of the world, even to those who may not currently have access to a PACT-trained therapist.

As we’ve recently unveiled these opportunities, we have been so happy to hear from many of you. Your excitement about the new ways in which we are engaging with the PACT community helps us stay on target to support your needs.

Our goal is to support you on your journey by providing more opportunities for innovative and in-depth world-class professional training.

Thank you for being actively engaged in the PACT Institute. We appreciate your enthusiasm, support, and patience as we grow. We are honored that you have chosen PACT to enhance your skills and practice. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to email me directly. 

Here’s to flourishing with you in 2020 and beyond! 

Beverly Baker

COO, The PACT Institute

PS: Use PACT’s new user-friendly website as a resource and tool for your practice.







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