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PACT Level 3

Reaching Greater Heights 

Welcome to PACT Level 3

The PACT Institute’s commitment to education and training has long helped clinicians advance in the practice of couple therapy.

We continue to receive overwhelming community feedback requesting more advanced training that helps clinicians take PACT even further in their work with couples.  

PACT Level 3 Online Training emphasizes expanding your skills and deepening the integration of PACT into your clinical practice.  

PACT Level 3 provides an innovative curriculum and proven organizational structure to support your growth and development as a couple therapist. This level of training prepares you to become a top PACT provider. Successful completion of Level 3 training also enables you to seek PACT certification.



Think: Grad School. The Level 3 program is vigorous and challenging, much like a good graduate school program. Level 3 has high academic expectations along with dedicated faculty support. The training combines online learning with two four-day experiential process teaching blocks with Dr. Stan Tatkin and core faculty member, Dr. Hans Stahlschmidt.

Level 3 has been designed for the committed candidate who has already incorporated PACT into their practice and is ready for in-depth teaching to integrate their knowledge, expand skills, and develop a more complete command of PACT techniques.

To determine if you qualify for this advanced training, please read about PACT Level 3 requirements and expectations here.


About PACT Level 3 Training

Level 3 Training includes all Level 1 and 2 materials and resources plus:

  • Learn with PACT creator  Stan Tatkin and PACT faculty member Dr. Hans Stahlschmidt in all 2022 PACT Level 3 trainings. 
  • Gain access to course material before the course begins.
  • Participate in online experiential learning with faculty and students.
  • Learn how to handle common difficult situations, including: sexual issues, personality issues, acting out, staging, betrayal, deal breakers, Islands and Waves, disorganized presentation, additions, and situations where one partner doesn’t want to play.
  • Obtain 40 CE hours.

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Cost: $5,700

2022 PACT Global Level 3 Days/Times

Join PACT Level 3 Online Training in 2022.


July 23-24 | September 17-18 | October 15-16 | November 19-20

All times are 7am - 12pm (Pacific)

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Pay in full

$5,700 USD



Payment Plan

$965 USD



Information on Scholarships for Level 3 coming soon. 

PACT Level 3 training emphasizes expanding your skills and deepening the integration of PACT into your clinical practice.  

Building on what you learned in Level 2, you’ll gain new insight, develop your assessment strategies and intervention techniques, and enjoy collaborating with colleagues on particularly thorny cases.

Successful completion of Level 3 training rewards you with the designation as a PACT Level 3 clinician/therapist, indicating knowledge of and proficiency in integrating basic and advanced PACT skills and principles in a clinical setting.

Requirements for Participation in PACT Level 3

PACT training is intended for licensed and pre-licensed marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists (or those who have earned an equivalent degree outside of the United States).

Requirements for Participation in PACT Level 3 include:

  • Minimum of 3 years in practice
  • Completion of all modules of Level 2 training within the last two years. 
  • If you completed Level 2 training more than two years ago, you may repeat Level 2 or you must have engaged in professional development through the PACT Institute for the last two years.
    • Professional development includes participation in a minimum of 6 hours per year of continuing education through the PACT Institute*. The 6 hours must include at least 3 hours of Case Analysis Labs and may also include participating as a coach in PACT training.
  • PACT treatment with a minimum of 50 couples 

In addition, before registering for Level 3, you will be asked to provide or confirm the following:

  1. Your professional license type and number
  2. Your office set up includes rolling chairs and video capabilities.
  3. Your malpractice insurance is current and in good standing.


Level 3 Training Objectives

  1. Be able to assess and treat issues related to sex and intimacy.
  2. Be able to assess and manage issues related to various behavioral and chemical addictions as a mismanaged third.
  3. Be able to assess and adapt treatment to the needs of gender-related issues.
  4. Be able to assess and adapt treatment to the needs of various cultures.
  5. Be able to assess and adapt treatment to the needs of various alternative relationships (e.g. polyamory).
  6. Be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of neuropsychological deficits, to assess and make appropriate referrals.
  7. Be able to demonstrate the ability to teach PACT theory and techniques.
  8. Be able to demonstrate understanding of case conceptualization.
  9. Be able to demonstrate understanding of treatment planning.
  10. Be able to assess for acting out behaviors and apply appropriate interventions.
  11. Demonstrate ability to assess and improve insufficient therapeutic alliance.
  12. Be able to establish a therapeutic frame.
  13. Be able to demonstrate ability to use video recording and playback for therapeutic purposes.
  14. Be able to demonstrate self-regulatory skills.
  15. Be able to demonstrate recovery under stressful conditions.
  16. Be able to demonstrate understanding of working with difficult couples (disorganized, high arousal and personality disorders).
  17. Be able to demonstrate ability to differentiate between defensive structures and how to work with them.
  18. Be able to demonstrate understanding of identifying countertransference and utilize transference and countertransference material.
  19. Be able to demonstrate understanding of identifying and working with projective identification.