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PACT In-Service Training

Let us bring PACT training to you!

We’ll come to your location and provide training in the PACT methodology customized to meet the needs of your staff and the community you serve.

Benefits of PACT in-service training:

  • Update therapists’ skills and knowledge in an accessible and affordable way
  • Get your team working together from the same approach
  • Ease the burden on therapists to find and schedule needed training outside of work time
  • Eliminate days therapists spend out of work traveling to trainings


Since 2010, the PACT Institute has trained thousands of therapists in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


After PACT training, therapists report feeling more capable, confident, and empowered to help their clients. In fact, PACT tends to require fewer sessions than other forms of couple therapy.

A very dynamic and practical methodology, PACT can be used alone and integrates well with other models.

Interested in learning more about PACT In-Service Training?

CE Credit Available for In-service Training

Sponsored by the PACT Institute (ACEP #6641, PCE #5551, and SW CPE #0104), CE credit for in-service training is available. PACT Level 1 training earns 54 continuing education hours and Level 2 training earns 36 continuing education hours.  

A Snapshot of PACT Training at Kaiser Portland

Kaiser Portland approved a pilot project for couple therapy using PACT, and Kaiser therapists there received PACT training. Kaiser Portland had not formally covered couple therapy for members in the past; however, after PACT therapy, levels of relationship satisfaction improved among both partners, and data suggest a clinically significant reduction in individual depression scores. Therapists recommended treating relationship issues to improve overall family functioning, as well as other individual symptoms.

For complete overview and summary of pilot:

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