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Creating an Owner’s Manual for a Secure-Functioning Relationship  



We believe in secure-functioning relationships. Sensitivity, fairness, trust, mutual respect. These are the relationship principles we hold dear.

In our Wired for Love couples retreats, you’ll learn how to incorporate these values every day in your relationship.

Work directly with Dr. Stan Tatkin and Tracey Boldemann-Tatkin and transform your relationship over the course of a weekend.

The workshops, based on neuroscience research and attachment theory models, will help you strengthen your relationship, build intimacy, and manage conflict.

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2020 Retreats

Registration is done through the host location.  The links will be updated as registrations open. 

Who is the workshop for?

Wired for Love retreats are designed for all couples in a committed relationship. You do not need to be married or planning to get married. Truly, all couples could benefit, whether you’re needing help to repair a broken relationship or wanting to make a good relationship even stronger and more fulfilling.

What will you do?

Stan and Tracey lead couples through fun exercises and experiments designed to help you identify your partner’s attachment style, read each other’s body language and arousal states, and manage conflicts. Hands-on activities help coupes create secure-functioning relationships and stronger, more fulfilling connections. No public discussion or disclosure is involved. All work is done as a couple. Stan and Tracey are available to offer support during exercises.

What will you learn? 

  • Understand the basic biology of relationship connection and the psychobiological particulars of your partner.

  • Recognize your own and your partner’s relationship styles.

  • Read your partner’s nonverbal behavior.

  • Play well and fight well together. 

  • Form mutually satisfying and lasting agreements based on fairness, justice, and sensitivity.

  • Build greater intimacy.

  • Move toward secure functioning with your partner.

"Stan is an incredible teacher. In a few hours, he was able to impart a depth of understanding that I figured would take months. He doesn’t teach knowledge, he teaches understanding. Very helpful workshop on becoming a better couple."

"We loved it. Learned a lot and enjoyed the great energy and love from the group. Would highly recommend to other couples or clinicians!"

"This was the best workshop ever. Stan and Tracey are phenomenal teachers. The material was amazing, as was my experience here. Also, it was so helpful to have their assistance to help me and my partner."

"Excellent workshop with skilled and caring leaders. Stan is so skilled, and Tracey warm and a great partner. Learned so much."

"Amazing! I came with an intention to be open, [to] truly understand and learn about myself and my partner and interplay, and absolutely came away with that. Stan and Tracey created a safe environment that allowed us to be vulnerable, which truly enhanced our learning. Thank you!"

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