PACT+ Alumni Membership

As a PACT alum, enjoy multiple opportunities every month to learn from experts about essential topics relevant to your couple therapy practice.

Now that you have taken PACT training, how do you plan on retaining the useful information you’ve learned, and how can you expand on your skills for your continued growth and development as a PACT therapist?

As a PACT alum, finding ongoing educational opportunities and extra support is easy. Simply sign up for a PACT+ Alumni Membership.

What is PACT+ Alumni Membership?

PACT+ Alumni Membership is a monthly online educational program for PACT alumni. Join us as we explore important topics and share expert advice relevant to couple therapy.

Benefits of PACT+ Alumni Membership:

  • Monthly live Q&As with PACT developer Stan Tatkin
  • Monthly peer group meetings, led by PACT Faculty and PACT Certified clinicians
  • Monthly Case Consultations with PACT Faculty and PACT Certified clinicians
  • Bonus workshops with PACT developer Stan Tatkin and PACT Faculty

All of this is included in one monthly membership fee.

Live meetings will be held on Fridays, 8:00am - 9:30am Pacific time. All meetings will be recorded for you to watch (and re-watch) on demand!

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PACT+ introduces you to a range of innovative and inspiring people who are working with PACT in their own ways. Each person adds a new perspective, a new approach, even new questions that you may not have thought to ask.

As you explore and reference all of the PACT+ material we add to the program throughout the year, your PACT+ Alumni Membership ensures your connection and engagement as a practicing PACT therapist. It also helps you feel more confident as you integrate new clinical skills into your practice.

Every Month With PACT+

Here’s what included for only $89 per month:

You’ll have at least three opportunities every month to join LIVE online teaching sessions directly with Dr. Stan Tatkin, PACT faculty, and other renowned experts and specialists ready to share their years of clinical experience working with couples. 

Join live on Fridays, 8:00am - 9:30am Pacific time, or watch recordings on demand.

Live Q&As with PACT Developer Stan Tatkin

Unclear about a particular PACT principle or concept? Submit your questions and get answers directly from PACT developer Stan Tatkin. 

Even if you don’t have a question, these sessions are valuable to attend because you’ll often hear questions you wouldn't have thought to ask and scenarios you may not have faced yet.

Peer Group Meetings, led by PACT Faculty and PACT Certified clinicians

Meet regularly with your peers to discuss clinical and practice issues in a supportive and confidential setting.

Working as a therapist can be an isolating experience. Ease feelings of loneliness and talk to professionals who understand the role of being a therapist.

Benefits of regular peer groups:

  • Learn new ideas, perspectives, and strategies for working with different clients and situations.
  • Accelerate your professional development as peers share clinical experience, feedback, and resources.
  • Relieve stress and prevent burnout through thoughtful support.

Peer consultation groups are a valuable resource for you to expand your knowledge, make fulfilling professional connections, and enhance your well-being.

Case Analysis Labs with PACT Faculty and PACT Certified Clinicians

In these Case Analysis Labs, you’ll meet with PACT Faculty and PACT Certified Clinicians to learn from complex and challenging cases. 

Presenting a case in these labs is not a requirement for participation. Participants are welcome to submit cases or simply listen in as expert PACT teachers lead discussions to deconstruct hypotheses, rebuild case conceptualizations, and examine difficult cases in new ways. 

You’ll gain experiential strategies and learn effective ways of framing or reframing client issues and how to apply specific PACT techniques to gain clinical traction and achieve better outcomes.

Bonus Workshops and Interviews with PACT Developer Stan Tatkin

As a bonus, you’ll also have access to Stan’s upcoming interviews with experts in the field of couple therapy. Stan and his guests will share experiential strategies, pioneering approaches, and practical resources that allow you to integrate new skills into everyday clinical practice. And they’ll always leave plenty of time for your questions.

We’re also planning a number of  other workshops to take place throughout the year to help you both expand and hone your approach. 

Find out more about already scheduled interviews and workshops.

Who will benefit from PACT+ Alumni Membership?

You and your clients will benefit.

As a member of PACT+, you will learn from a wide range of perspectives that help you approach client challenges with greater depth and confidence.

Join a dynamic training community that will inspire you and help you develop the versatile toolbox you need to help others create fulfilling, secure-functioning relationships.

Become a PACT+ Alumni Member today.

Access a growing treasure chest of knowledge and learn from our expanding PACT community.

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