Congratulations, New PACT Certified Therapists!

for therapists Dec 04, 2023

This month, we’re celebrating a new cohort to have earned the distinct title of PACT Certified Therapist. These therapists completed the highest level of PACT training this year, and you may see them teaching classes, offering consultation, or sharing PACT research projects.

We asked them why they wanted to become PACT Certified, what the process was like for them, if they have any advice for others considering certification, and a couple of questions just for fun! Learn a little more about each of them.

Jason Brand, LCSW

Berkeley, California

“The main reason that I decided to become PACT Certified is because of the PACT community. PACT really is my therapy-home, and I love getting opportunities to spend time with my colleagues and friends. The work of being a therapist is so private, and the work we do with couples is pretty specific, so I will jump at any chance to sit down with a group of people who really understand the PACT model.”

“I have put in lots of work over the years to get to PACT Certification. Level 3 felt like a big lift, but certification actually felt more like a celebration to me. There was a comfort in the camaraderie, a sense of having my own therapeutic voice and feeling more confident in my couples work. With that said, it’s always intense for me to ‘put myself out there’ and I sometimes forget that growing pains are a necessary part of the process.”

You’re having a dinner party and can invite anyone, living or dead. Who would you invite? “I’d go over to Paisley Park and have dinner with Prince. Play some basketball and ping-pong and then listen to music in his vault.”

Anything else? “I have a podcast called Human Nurture. The first two seasons have focused on PACT therapist development. I’m hard at work on season 3, which is about the ideas in Stan’s new book, In Each Other's Care. Please give it a listen, and reach out with any thoughts!”

Krista Jordan, PhD, PACT Faculty

Austin, Texas

“I am a big believer in continuing my education and wanted to participate in a rigorous process of learning and consultation that would signify the achievement of a higher standard of practice.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the PACT certification process. All of the material was relevant to my practice and enhanced my conceptualization and therapy skills. I got great feedback from Stan and Hans on my presented cases. I also found it valuable to have in-person training with a small cohort of strong therapists who were equally passionate about PACT. Being in private practice can feel isolating, but I now have a group of PACT therapists whom I know and trust and can lean on for ideas and support.”

You’re having a dinner party and can invite anyone living or dead. Who would you invite? “Jesus Christ and Buddha (for some spiritual enlightenment), Cleopatra and Nefertitti (I am obsessed with Egyptology), my mother and great grandmother (because they are both dead and I would love to see them again), my best childhood friend (because I don't see her enough), my husband (because he would love to meet Buddha and I enjoy his company), Freud (because he was such an innovator in our field), and David Sedaris (because you need some levity!)”

Analisa Macias, MA, LPC

Boulder, Colorado

“I have learned so much from studying with the PACT community and am dedicated to continuing to learn and to be a part of PACT's continued growth in our world. I love to write, teach, consult, and brainstorm. Being PACT Certified gives me more options to be involved in those ways.”

“PACT Certification was a wonderful and supportive experience. Having time with Stan and Hans alone to level up my work with clients was invaluable. But my favorite part was connecting deeply with my cohort of other PACT therapists dedicated to this work. The PACT community is full of very talented people, and it is a joy and inspiration to be nurturing these connections. Prepare to be challenged and supported in this certification level. Being open and committed is important as this work is challenging and complicated.”

If you could be a character in a movie…? “The Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland, watching and laughing at the world below him but keeping himself above the craziness.”

Vanessa Morgan, MFT

Orange County, California

“Continuing my education through PACT has been an incredible experience of growth, learning, and community. It has been a career goal to teach for PACT since I first took my Level 1 training close to 10 years ago, so when I was asked to participate in certification it was a no-brainer for me, especially since I loved coaching during the PACT trainings.”

“When I first encountered Stan’s work in 2012, it completely revolutionized how I conceptualized attachment relationships. Not only have I seen PACT transform the lives of hundreds of couples ever since, I truly believe in the vision of secure functioning and its power to help heal the collective at large.”

If you could be a character in a movie…? “Wonder Woman! She has the best outfits and gets to save the world.”

Lisa Rabinowitz, LCPC

Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, Florida,  internationally

“I became PACT Certified to continue my professional learning as a couples therapist. I want the most effective methods to help couples address issues and create secure-functioning relationships.”

“I really enjoyed learning from Stan and Hans and meeting with them one on one. In addition, meeting in person in California helped me build a network of colleagues to consult with and continue training and working with.”

You’re having a dinner party and can invite anyone living or dead. Who would you invite? “Golda Meir, the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. She was a tremendous leader.”

Anything else? “I love counseling couples because it is an opportunity to develop peace and harmony, reignite connection and affection, strengthen communication, and decrease conflict. It is an opportunity to share principles that can create an enduring relationship. On a personal level, I know PACT works because it saved my marriage.”

Ben Trelease, LMHC

Seattle, Washington

I enjoyed the PACT Certification experience! Having to watch videos of myself is a bit stressful but I really enjoyed the resulting feedback and conversations with Stan and Hans. My advice would be to relax and trust that you belong in the conversation.

If you could be a character in a movie…? “Harold in “Harold and Maude”. I love Harold's dark sense of humor and the beautiful arc of his emotional journey through his relationship with Maude.”

I am very fortunate to be married thirty years to a woman I've known since I was five. We hold two-day couple intensives together, facilitating and witnessing deep and profound reconnection. It is such a gift to have my work witnessed by my favorite person and to witness her brilliance in turn.”

Lilian Borges, LPC

Phoenix, Arizona

“Every level of PACT training helped me grow as a couples therapist and as a person. It was the only couples therapy training that left me feeling that I was competent to treat any case.”

“PACT Certification is an opportunity to take inventory of who you are as a couples therapist —  strengths and weaknesses — and use the support to become your best! I was surprised with the support I felt from the PACT Institute and the PACT community.”

Anything else? “I believe in helping people have better relationships. The couple is the basic unit of the fabric of our society. When a couple is healthy, the families are healthy. Ultimately we are creating a better future for our children to live in.”

Congratulations also to newly PACT Certified Therapist Doris Montalvo Moll, clinical psychologist in Valencia, Spain!


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