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Win-Win Parenting:

Better Partners Make Better Parents



Did you know that before you succeed at parenting, you need to succeed as a couple?

It’s true. Research shows that in order to be the best parents you can be, you and your partner need to make sure that your needs — as a couple — are met.

That’s where Win-Win Parenting: Better Partners Make Better Parents comes in. 

Taught by Kara Hoppe, psychotherapist, mother, and coauthor of Baby Bomb: A Relationship Survival GuideWin-Win Parenting: Better Partners Make Better Parents is based on the foundation that secure-functioning partners are better equipped to raise happy, healthy kids.

If your romantic relationship has taken a back seat to a new baby or growing parenting demands, you’ll learn how to put your relationship firstnot only for you and your partner but to help your whole family thrive.

As if parenting wasn’t already hard enough…

Throw in a pandemic to really make things overwhelming. School closures. Canceled activities. Not to mention the constant risk assessment for your family. 

How can you make it through the overwhelm and create a secure relational foundation for your children?   

Kara understands the stressors of pandemic parenting – as a mom of a preschooler with a baby on the way – as well as through the dozens of couples she’s counseled through these extraordinary times. She’ll teach you the principles and skills she writes about in her book and how to apply them in real-life situations no matter what life throws your way.

Create Your Unique Relationship Survival Guide

In each session of the course, you’ll create your own unique relationship survival guide based on your individual needs and the five guiding principles from the book Baby Bomb.

  1. The Couple Comes First
    • What do you find most challenging about being a parent? Or what are you most worried about when it comes to parenting? You’ll learn what it means to put your relationship first: How could you, as parents, benefit — and how will your child — by putting your relationship first? 
  2. Taking Care of Yourselves and Each Other
    • You and your partner will learn how to take care of yourselves and each other at the same time. You’ll discover how your different nervous systems work and why understanding your nervous system is an important part of parenting.
  3. Making Decisions as a Team
    • You’ll identify insiders and outsiders and learn how to use an 8-step process to make decisions as a team.
  4. You and Your Partner Fight for Two Winners
    • You’ll learn how to focus on the process, not the issues, to quickly heal any hurt and look for a win-win so neither of you — nor your relationship — loses out.
  5. Redefining Romance and Keeping Your Connection Alive
    • What are the real physical and psychological impacts of parenting or pregnancy? You’ll redefine romance in a way that works for you to keep you connected as a couple and help strengthen your partnership – for you and your children.

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone can create the relationship that they desire. In my experience, partners just need a bit of guidance to light the way.

~Kara Hoppe

Who is the class designed for?

Whether you’re expecting your first child or are deep in the throes of raising children or stepchildren already, you will benefit from this class.

The class is designed for couples only – those expecting a new baby and for parents with children up to age 12. This process is based on the active involvement of both partners in building a secure-functioning relationship.

What will you learn?

At the end of the training, you and your partner will be able to: 

  • Discover the secret for becoming successful parents
  • Create a secure-functioning relationship and find ways to foster intimacy
  • Practice collaborative decision-making strategies
  • Learn better ways to navigate conflict and create win-win solutions
  • Redefine romance and keep your couple connection alive

Apply what you learn right away.

Through practice at home and in sessions — with feedback from Kara — gain the skills you need to immediately create the kind of secure-functioning relationship that’s essential for raising happy, healthy kids.

Every week, you will gain:

  • Psychological education based on the guiding principles of Baby Bomb
  • Couple time, carved out and dedicated to making your relationship stronger
  • Carefully designed couple exercises 
  • Support and the knowledge that you’re not alone:
    • Meaningful discussions with an expert in couples therapy
    • Small-group breakout rooms where you can talk about the real challenges you’re facing and how to address them

Plus, you will also receive:

  • An interactive manual based on Baby Bomb
  • Homework assignments to practice the skills you learn each week
  • A video of Stan Tatkin teaching the ins and outs of attachment theory
  • A video of Stan Tatkin discussing how knowing your brain benefits your partnership
  • Answers to your parenting questions and individual attention during breakout sessions

Win-Win Parenting:

Better Partners Make Better Parents

5 consecutive Saturdays, via Zoom

April 23 – May 21, 2022 

9:00 – 11:30 am Pacific

Convert to your local time here. 

$585 per couple


Don’t have a babysitter? No problem. Little ones are welcome to listen in. But you'll get more out of the experience if you can arrange child care.

About Kara Hoppe, MA MFT

Kara Hoppe, MA, MFT, is a psychotherapist, teacher, mother, and feminist. She has spent more than a decade as an inclusive therapist working with individuals and couples toward healing and growing. She is dedicated to helping her clients become grounded, integrated people with better access to their own instincts, wisdom, and creativity. 

Kara coauthored Baby Bomb: A Relationship Survival Guide with PACT founder Stan Tatkin, PsyD. Baby Bomb offers powerful tools based in psychology and neurobiology, helping partners raise happy, healthy kids as a solid and supportive team — while also cultivating mad love for each other. Her work has been featured in The Atlantic, Parents Magazine, Fatherly, and YourTango, among other publications. She lives with her husband and son in Pioneertown, CA, and sees clients in private practice via telehealth.

"Kara’s genuine caring and love for the information she is sharing are infectious. She is knowledgeable about her subject matter and has walked the path she is taking her students on. I thought she created a safe container for significant growth."

Naomi Buckley

"My wife and I worked with Kara, and the work was deep and touching. She’s a gentle guide who inspired us to transform our marriage by applying her practices. I would encourage any couple feeling stuck and looking for ways to change to give her lessons a go."

Nick L.

"[Kara] has the unique ability to relay information in a clear, relatable, and humorous way, which kept me engaged and very connected both to the subject she was teaching and to Kara as a person and a teacher. Kara is the best!"

Aurisha Smolarski, MA, LMFT

"Kara is an engaged and informative teacher. She created a safe space for us to go deeper with our inner work. I learned a lot in her course and continue to use the skills she taught us in my personal life and therapy practice."

Francisca Fenwick MA, LMFT

"[Kara] is insightful, caring, and funny, and I picked up many useful tools from her class. It’s clear she loves the material she teaches, and I would jump at the chance to work with her in the future."

Maximilla Lukacs

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