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“Clinicians who know when they need guidance and support – and who know where to find it – are usually the most successful and happiest in their work.”

~Stan Tatkin

About Case Analysis Labs

As a couple therapist, you likely experience times when you feel your clinical work is at an impasse and that you could benefit from outside consultation. 

But you may worry that a colleague or mentor will judge you as less capable if you ask for help. 

PACT Case Analysis Labs are a safe place where colleagues suspend judgment and focus on solutions. In fact, we believe consultation is an essential aspect of the therapeutic process. 

In the virtual lab, we all focus on one of your or one of your PACT colleague’s cases, not on the therapist or the therapist’s performance thus far in the case. Attention centers on the couple, the investigatory and diagnostic work of therapy and, of course, how to help couples heal and move forward.

Effective clinical case analysis helps you take the best care of your clients, your work, and yourself.

Benefits of Case Analysis Labs

  • Meet in small groups to talk through complex cases or difficult interactions with clients.
  • Explore when and how to use important PACT tools and techniques.
  • Understand issues that get triggered in your own life while working with clients. 
  • Learn from the rich experiences of other professionals in the field.
  • Make valuable and fulfilling professional connections.
  • Prevent professional burnout.
  • Get support in a judgment-free zone.

PACT faculty now offers Case Analysis Labs for therapists who have completed Level 1, 2, or 3 PACT training. 

We offer a lab for therapists at each PACT level. These specialized groups, along with their smaller size, allow for deeper, more focused learning and opportunities to participate.

"Through Stan’s guidance and insight from gifted therapists around the world, the “power of PACT” shines through even the most challenging cases.  I frequently find myself emerging from the consultation with new ideas to apply to my practice."

Allison Howe

"Hans is knowledgeable, authentic and gracious. He helps make the material both come alive and make practical sense. Excellent clinician and teacher."

Level 1 student (2022)

"Participating in Stan Tatkin’s consult group has been a marvelous way to learn and grow as a couples therapist. You get the ‘Pearls” of Stan’s wisdom along with questions and comments from the participating PACT therapists. It’s like a smorgasbord of great information and guidance.   "

Karyn Schorr

"Hans holds a wonderful space for everyone and I really love his feedback."

Level 1 student (2022)

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