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“Case Analysis Labs really are the best way to move forward in your learning and your practice as a clinician.”

~Stan Tatkin

Case Analysis Labs with Stan

Case Analysis Labs with PACT founder Stan Tatkin encompass high-level clinical discussions and are open only to clinicians who have completed PACT Level 2 training or higher.

When you are looking to fully integrate your knowledge and advance your skills toward mastery of PACT, consider getting into the Lab with Stan. 

Note that writing and preparing a case for presentation to Stan in Case Analysis Labs is a prerequisite for enrolling in PACT Level 3.

About Case Analysis Labs

As a couple therapist, you may experience times when you feel your clinical work is at an impasse and that you could benefit from outside consultation.

When you feel stuck, Case Analysis Labs help you develop a coherent plan to focus treatment interventions, which in turn help couples move forward. You’ll learn effective ways of framing or reframing clients’ issues and how to apply specific PACT techniques to gain clinical traction and achieve better outcomes.

These small groups allow for deeper, more focused learning and opportunities to participate and receive feedback. Learn how to deal with specific and complex issues in these labs that go beyond what can be covered in training.

In Case Analysis Labs, you’ll also address issues that might come up in working with a client — or a type of client — and you’ll have opportunities to talk with colleagues who understand the complicated role you play as a therapist.

Whether you need some support or a whole new strategy to consider, you’ll come away with a fresh perspective.

Benefits of Case Analysis Labs

  • Consolidate and practice what you learned in training.
  • Talk through complex cases or difficult interactions with clients.
  • Explore when and how to use specific PACT tools and techniques.
  • Gain practical advice you can use right away.
  • Hear diverse perspectives and insightful approaches of other professionals in the field.
  • Understand issues that get triggered in your own life while working with clients. 
  • Make valuable and fulfilling professional connections.
  • Prevent professional burnout.
  • Practice preparing and conceptualizing a case for presentation.

"Through Stan’s guidance and insight from gifted therapists around the world, the “power of PACT” shines through even the most challenging cases.  I frequently find myself emerging from the consultation with new ideas to apply to my practice."

Allison Howe

"I wish I could just take a USB cord and plug my brain into [Stan’s]."

Eva Van Prooyen
PACT Founding Core Faculty

"Participating in Stan Tatkin’s consult group has been a marvelous way to learn and grow as a couples therapist. You get the 'pearls' of Stan’s wisdom along with questions and comments from the participating PACT therapists. It’s like a smorgasbord of great information and guidance."

Karyn Schorr

"Stan’s consult calls are priceless. Especially [now], it has been more important than ever to stay connected with not only Stan but so many other talented PACT therapists."

Case Analysis Labs with Stan | Q1


Case Analysis Labs with Stan | Q2

APRIL 10 | MAY 8 | JUNE 26

Expectations for Case Analysis Labs with Stan

Once you enroll in Case Analysis Labs, you will be required to write and prepare a case for presentation.

Preparing a case for presentation is an important step in helping you to conceptualize or reframe a case so that you can help a couple move forward. We make it easy with a thorough and straightforward outline for you to use. 

All participants will be assigned a day to submit their case. Stan will review all case submissions and will work with 1-3 cases in each session that he believes will significantly advance participants’ learning. He will demonstrate techniques, answer questions, and support you with practical tools and experiential exercises.



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