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Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy for PACT Level 2 

PACT Level 2 training requires a commitment to attend three 2-day sessions within 12 months. You are financially responsible for the full registration fee. Please do not join if you believe you cannot fulfill such a commitment. 

If more convenient, payments can be made in an installment plan. The first payment is due upon registration, and the subsequent payments will be automatically charged to the following months. Payments can be made via Stripe. 

If you miss a meeting, you can make it up in a different cohort within the same calendar year. If you cannot make up a missed day, you remain financially responsible for it.


If you wish to cancel/withdraw from your participation in one of our live or online events, you may do so by notifying the PACT Institute at least 1 month prior to the official start date of the first module AND before accessing the online portion of the course, and a full refund minus a 5% processing fee will be given. 

No refunds will be given after accessing the online materials for the course. 

If the cancellation is less than a month but at least 1 week before a program, a credit will be issued toward a future event, valid for up to 1 year from the date of issue. If you cancel your registration within 1 week or if you fail to attend a live/online event, no refund will be given. Registrations can not be transferred to another student. 

The PACT Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any live /online event due to instructor illness or circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, you will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time and will receive a full refund. In the event of insufficient registrations for live trainings, notice of cancellation will be provided at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the event. 

All refunds will be processed within 10 working days of cancellation/rescheduling. 

The PACT Institute will not be liable for any penalties or other expenditures incurred due to the cancellation/rescheduling of any of our trainings. 

Registering as a PACT student:  

When registering as a student of the PACT Institute, you will create an account (profile) that you can access on the site. You will be able to login to see all the events you are currently registered for, make basic updates to your account information, and make payments.  

Your account will give you access to the Student Library, which contains an extensive bibliography, as well as classroom materials, including audios, videos, webinars, and other items. 

Access to the Student Library will be retained by all students in good standing. PACT reserves the right to terminate an account at any time.  

Proprietary information:  

The training manual, PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, and other class materials are considered proprietary information and may not be reproduced or cited by PACT students or alumni. 

Please do not share your login information with anyone. 

ADA Compliance:  

In accordance with the American with Disability Act (ADA), please contact our office (323-642-8003) at least 2 weeks before the program if you need special accommodations. 


The PACT Institute is committed to conducting all activities in conformance with the ethical principles of the APA, NBCC, and NYSED. We comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content, and treatment of program participants. We take full responsibility for the monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards. 

While we assure fair treatment for all participants, we recognize that from time to time issues may require our intervention and/or action. Our guidelines for handling such grievances are as follows: 

  1. If a participant files a grievance, either orally or in written format, we will respond promptly and in good faith. The note need not be signed by the grieved individual. 
  2. If the grievance concerns a program offering, program content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the program was offered, and the participant requests action, we will  review each grievance in light of the fair, just, sensitive, and equitable standards we uphold. If we are not able to rectify the grievance or reasonably resolve the issue, we will (a) provide a fee credit toward a future program or (b) provide a partial or full refund of the program fee. Actions 2a and 2b will require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record keeping­­ purposes. All refund considerations are at the discretion of the PACT Institute.


The PACT Institute will make every reasonable effort to assure your privacy. We will never sell your information. We will not share your personal information except as necessary to comply with the reporting requirements of the various accrediting organizations that enable us to provide CE credit or if required to do so by governmental or law enforcement agencies. We do not retain or store any credit card payment information on our server. 


Dr. Tatkin and the PACT Institute have no commercial conflict of interest. 


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