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PACT Masterclass

A three-day, in-person masterclass with Dr. Stan Tatkin for high-level PACT therapists

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Who is the PACT Masterclass for?

High-level PACT clinicians (Level 2 and above) who are committed to improving their skills and strengthening their work with couples.

What will you do in the PACT Masterclass?

You’ll join Stan and a small group of PACT colleagues in his office to watch videos of Stan at work with his real clients. 

You’ll do frame analysis, hear Stan explain what he was thinking at key points and why he did what he did, and workshop what he could have done differently. 

Stan will choose videos based on how interesting or dramatic the cases are and on the richness of learning opportunities with the couples. You’ll watch videos not only of initial sessions but of sessions with difficult couples who have been coming to therapy for a year or more. Later sessions tend to be richer learning experiences.

You’ll also role-play the cases you watch and workshop how situations might have played out differently. While you will have opportunities to role play, there is no expectation or requirement to participate. 

You’ll see Stan’s office and equipment set-up: 3 cameras, rolling chairs, and all the furniture he uses for staging.

In addition, when you register for the PACT Masterclass, we’ll be asking if you’d like Stan to address a specific skill, technique, strategy, or situation in the class. Stan will customize the class based on everyone’s goals and the teaching videos available. What you’d like to learn is important. This will be a masterclass customized for you!

Why should you attend the PACT Masterclass with Stan?

If you have always wanted to see Stan work with real clients, this truly unique opportunity gets you the in-person all-access pass to learn directly from Stan and enrich your own work with couples.

Enjoy mentorship from Stan and camaraderie with a small group of dedicated PACT therapists.

When is the PACT Masterclass?

Friday, June 9, 3pm – 7pm Pacific
Saturday, June 10, 9am – 5pm Pacific, plus an optional dinner - just for fun!
Sunday, June 11, 8am – 4pm Pacific

The dinner on Saturday will be an opportunity to meet new colleagues or chat with folks you may have only met over Zoom! Spend time with Stan, Tracey, and new PACT friends … get to know each other, network, laugh, and compare notes.

What is the cost of PACT Masterclass?

Pay in Full

$2,495 USD


Spots are limited - please email [email protected] to register.

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Payment Plan

$675 USD


Spots are limited - please email [email protected] to register.

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Where is the PACT Masterclass?

You’ll meet in Stan’s office in Agoura Hills, California. Agoura Hills is about 40 minutes north of Los Angeles. You have a choice of two major airports nearby: Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

You must attend the Masterclass in person. We will not offer it online, and we will not record the class. In addition, to maintain client confidentiality, participants will not be allowed to record any portion of the PACT Masterclass.

A note about client confidentiality

Dr. Stan Tatkin obtains written permission from clients to show videos to students for educational purposes. All participants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before attending the PACT Masterclass.

What COVID protocols will be in place?

To help keep our community safe, all participants must  be fully up to date on recommended COVID vaccines to attend the PACT Masterclass. You will be required to upload proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test to your PACT student portal prior to the PACT Masterclass.

Can’t make it to this Masterclass but want first dibs on the next one?

Yes, let me know about Stan’s next Masterclass!

Other questions?

Please reach out to us at [email protected].


Can't make it to this Masterclass but want first dibs on the next one?