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An Intro to PACT for Graduate Schools

Do you teach psychology, social work, or counseling to graduate students? 

Many professors have asked us over the years for materials to introduce students to PACT principles and methodology. Why? 

  • They know that seeing couples as a new therapist can feel intimidating, and their students who learn PACT report feeling more capable and confident in working with couples. 
  • In courses that introduce various therapeutic approaches, they see that PACT is a practical methodology that integrates well with other models. 

To answer those professors’ requests, we have developed a FREE Intro to PACT for Grad Schools – a resource to help you give your students a taste of PACT and its unique integration of cutting-edge neuroscience and evidence-based theories.

Check out our FREE Intro to PACT for Grad Schools. The Intro to PACT bundle includes:

  • Three journal articles written by Dr. Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
  • Two videos, in which Dr. Tatkin explains the PACT methodology and talks about secure functioning as the cornerstone of healthy couple relationships (total running time for both videos: 64 minutes)
  • A video of Dr. Tatkin working with a couple and demonstrating PACT basic skills, including cross-tracking, cross-commenting, cross-questioning, and going down the middle (running time for video: 25 minutes)
  • Instructions for exercises that you can demonstrate and students can practice in class, with questions for debriefing
  • Suggested reading

Intro to PACT for Grad Schools is a mini lesson designed with the same teaching methods of a full PACT training: Concept, Intervention, Demonstration, Exercise, and Debrief.

Concept – Dr. Tatkin first introduces the theories behind the model. He talks about secure functioning as PACT’s therapeutic frame and the rationale for the specific skills to be used.

Intervention – Next, Dr. Tatkin demonstrates the skills for assessment or intervention with a couple.

Demonstration – You, as the educator, can demonstrate specific PACT skills in class with students, so students can see the skills used in different scenarios and start to see how they work in real time.

Exercise – Students have the opportunity to practice new skills in triads in the classroom.

Debrief – You and your students answer questions and share constructive feedback about how their triads went, what was challenging, and what felt right.

Intro to PACT for Graduate Students is designed to take one class period (about 2-3 hours) with some additional student preparation needed before class.

The PACT Institute is happy to provide these resources for free to educators and grad students. 

When you register for the Intro to PACT for Grad Schools, you’ll receive a link where you and your students will be able to access the journal articles, videos, and instructions for doing the exercises. You need only to enter an email address to gain access.


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