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Basic Requirements for Level 3 Applicants

Applications for Level 3 are currently closed.

  1. Completion of all modules of Level 2 training within the last two years OR continuing PACT professional development within the PACT model (webinars, consultations, peer group participation) for the last two years
  2. Fulfillment of the program’s prerequisites and application process
  3. Scheduled evaluation with PACT faculty to determine the skills and general expertise of all applicants

Please be ready with all of the following before applying for Level 3.  You will not be able to save your application and return to it. 

Application Requirements: Have the Following Documents Ready to Upload:

All letters and documents must be included in the application submitted via the website. Letters and documents submitted via email will not be accepted. 

  • Documentation showing participation in 1:1 or group consultation/mentorship
  • Letter from your PACT consultant, stating that 1) you have participated in at least 3 hours of case consultation with a current PACT faculty member within the last year and 2) you are ready for Level 3.
  • PACT treatment on a minimum of 50 couples 
  • Three letters of recommendation:
    • Two from a professional peer or colleague, one of which must be PACT trained. The other is not required to be PACT trained.
    • One from a PACT trainer,  supervisor, teacher, or consultant.
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of Intent, stating: 
    • years of practice 
    • experience with couples: number and types of couples, hours, issues faced
    • current experiences with PACT model 
    • experiences with non-PACT models 
    • reasons for applying to Level 3 training, what you hope to learn
    • professional strengths and weaknesses
    • readiness for Level 3 training
  • Photo submission of your office set-up 
  • Photo of rolling chairs and videos being used in your practice
  • Photo of your license as a mental health care worker
  • Proof of malpractice insurance in good standing
  • Proof of a minimum of 3 years in practice
  • Photograph of applicant
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile

Applications for Level 3 Are Currently Closed.


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