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Level 3 Case Analysis Labs

When you are looking to fully integrate your knowledge and skills and develop mastery of PACT, consider getting back into the Lab with your peers. L3 Case Analysis Labs with Dr. Stan Tatkin are open only to those who have completed PACT Level 3 training.

About Case Analysis Labs

As a therapist, you need a full toolbox of clinical interventions and techniques. You also need a strong sense of self and an ongoing willingness to learn from your experiences and adjust.

This is where Case Analysis Labs with Dr. Tatkin can help. 

You support and challenge your clients to become the best versions of themselves every day. Here, you’ll find support and guidance to become the best version of yourself. 

Whether you need encouragement or a whole new strategy, you’ll come away from Stan’s Case Analysis Labs with a fresh perspective.

Benefits of Case Analysis Labs with Dr. Stan Tatkin:

  • Talk through complex cases or difficult interactions with clients.
  • Explore when and how to use important PACT tools and techniques.
  • Understand issues that get triggered in your own life while working with clients. 
  • Learn from the rich experiences of others.
  • Make valuable and fulfilling professional connections.
  • Prevent professional burnout.
  • Get support in a judgment-free zone

Doing our best –- and most satisfying –- work means both recognizing how we can benefit from the experiences of others and sharing  our well-earned wisdom and understanding with others.

Effective clinical case analysis helps you take the best care of your clients, your work, and yourself.

10% off Case Analysis Labs with Stan for Alumni Membership Subscribers.
Email [email protected] for details. 

"I wish I could just take a USB cord and plug my brain into [Stan’s]."

Eva Van Prooyen
PACT Founding Core Faculty

"Through Stan’s guidance and insight from gifted therapists around the world, the “power of PACT” shines through even the most challenging cases.  I frequently find myself emerging from the consultation with new ideas to apply to my practice.  This collaboration reminds me that we’re “all in the foxhole” together! "

Allison Howe

"Participating in Stan Tatkin’s consult group has been a marvelous way to learn and grow as a couples therapist. You get the ‘Pearls” of Stan’s wisdom along with questions and comments from the participating PACT therapists. It’s like a smorgasbord of great information and guidance! Every session leaves me wanting more!”   "

Karyn Schorr

"Getting to see and hear Stan talk about real cases has always been helpful, but especially now with the abrupt move to telehealth, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to Stan and the PACT community as we navigate helping our couples during COVID-19."

Amanda Moates

"Stan’s consult calls are priceless. Especially [now], it has been more important than ever to stay connected with not only Stan but so many other talented PACT therapists."

L3 | Case Analysis Labs | SUMMER

June 22, 8 - 9:30am

August 23, 6 - 7:30pm


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$143.00 USD



L3 | Case Analysis Labs | FALL

October 5, 8 - 9:30am

December 14, 6 - 7:30pm


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$143.00 USD



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