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Full one-year, on-demand access to all PACT Level 1 Intervention Videos, Neuroscience Videos & Level 1 Manuals. 

Studies show that just 7 days after a training session ends, the average person will forget 65 percent of the material covered. After 6 months, that number jumps to 90 percent.

And PACT trainings are chock-full of useful information that we don’t want you to forget. That’s why we offer access to all PACT Level 1 training videos in the alumni video subscription.

Intervention videos show key PACT concepts in action.

  • Review at any time as Dr. Stan Tatkin, co-founder of PACT, demonstrates important PACT assessments and interventions
  • Watch (and re-watch) so you understand the content at your own pace.
  • Pause, stop, and rewind so you never miss a moment. Take all the time you need.

We know that watching video can improve your ability to remember concepts, recognize nuances in interactions, and notice subtle details. And PACT is all about paying attention to details.

PLUS: NEWLY ADDED to the Alumni Membership Subscription

Videos on Neuroscience for PACT Therapists

In addition to all the instructional PACT intervention videos, we’re pleased to offer all new videos on neuroscience and the brain.

The PACT Institute recorded the recent calls Stan had with our PACT Ambassadors. Together, these high-level PACT clinicians presented how the different parts of the brain impact the unique work you do as PACT therapists. The information was so popular that they asked us to share it with the larger PACT community. Though the presentations are informal, these videos provide a necessary working knowledge of neuroscience and the brain. Each video includes insights and commentary from Stan on how to integrate this information into your clinical practice.

Why learn about neuroscience?

The pace and progress of neuroscience research has been extraordinary, with advances in both technology and understanding.

Learning about neuroscience may be interesting, but is it useful?

Yes! Research advances provide guidance for the understanding and treatment of issues we see every day in the therapy room – related to attachment, empathy, emotional regulation, and memory – that go beyond basic biology.

Understanding – and being able to explain – how the brain functions helps us communicate with clients about their issues in an objective and non-stigmatizing way.

Clinicians can use neuroscience explanations to help clients understand how their brains are impacted by their life experiences, trauma, or illness.

At the same time, PACT therapists can explain neuroplasticity to convey hope to our clients. They can help clients understand that they can “rewire their brains” in ways that reduce or eliminate their current challenges.

Current topics include

  • The cerebellum
  • The periaqueductal gray, or PAG
  • The temporal pole
  • The right temporo-parietal junction, or rTPJ 


Watch for more videos in the coming months!

Gain access to these new videos in addition to all PACT Level 1 intervention videos. 



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